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July 5, 2010

OOC Shizu Suzume

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I just Googled my name, Shizu Suzume, with punctuation marks on the ends so only results with the exact words “Shizu Suzume” without any words in between.

My blog, Plinky, and Devintart came up, which I was half expecting. But two links came up, both leading to the same site.

Because I was curious, I clicked on one.

It was a story. Naturally, I read it.

In a nutshell, a girl named Shizu Suzume was sent to a blind date by her friend. Shizu’s (or my) worst enemy, Ahn Min Ho (or Ho Ho), was sent on the same date by the same date. Both people stood there, cursing each other for a while. Ho Ho got a broken nose from Shizu for calling her a slut. xD Then they realized that they were supposed to be dating each other, which surprised them both. Then the story ended.

And the entire time, I was cracking up due to the fact that Shizu’s appearance was almost identical to mine (but I’m not 23), and her personality was the opposite to mine…lol.

Here’s the link if you want to go see the story. [link] Warning: lots of  ‘bad language’, so don’t read it if you want to keep your mine innocent and clean. :3

One more thing: Nobody clicked on Mikiko! -points at picture of sleeping, winged girl on right- Click please? Don’t worry, it’s not a scam/virus or anything. You don’t have to do anything but click. Promise, or get your money back! XD



July 3, 2010

Wisconsin Dells!

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Woo! My family and I are in Wisconsin to go check out the Dells~! I heard from a friend up in Minnesota that it’s a really fun place to go, she has been there a ton of times.

Right now I’m in Madison, and tomorrow I’ll be in the Dells. We’ll be playing in the Wilderness Resort, I’m excited. ^__^ Water slides! Rivers! WAVE POOLS! -spazzes and squeals uncharacteristicly-

Oh, since you’re a visitor (thanks for visiting!), do you mnd clicking on my mascot on the right? I want the level it up and make it grow. :3

I’ll post about the Wilderness tomorrow!


July 2, 2010

If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

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If I had unlimited resources, I would make a giant, artificial beach up here in Minnesota. There is no beach, with the big blue ocean (or lake), or bleached white sand, or shells you can hunt for, or crabs. (Oh, how I love crabs.)

And I would also make green cars that run on water. If I had the knowledge to do that, I would actually do it. "Hey Toyota! Honda! I have a great idea!" ゚ヮ゚

Unfortunately, they're to busy making new models with different bumpers and stuff. -sigh-

I would also make those ring things that they have in Uglies and give them to everyone for no cost. That would be pretty awesome. They could have a projected screen that you can touch, and a keyboard too, and could access the internet and download stuff…the list will go on and on…

And I would also give myself wings, because that will be more useful to me. I would love to fly…


June 30, 2010

Summer Academy: Grand Finale

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I changed my blog’s theme. You like?

Ok, so I finished Summer Academy. Summer Academy is a summer camp for high potential students NOT people who need help. :3

I took an art course, it was about drawing people. I drew a total of three pictures; a Van Gogh [click here for a post about this], a oil pastel/cray-pa painting-like picture of a woman from Thailand, and a sketch of one of my classmates.

So, here are reflections about my drawings. Hell, I doubt that anyone reads this blog, but I’ll shout out my thoughts anyway. This is how I vent stuff, or else I’ll explode. (image below isn’t mine.)

My reflection on my L’Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux drawing.

[Picture goes here, I’ll upload it once I can find my camera’s memory card adapter. .___.;;]

I guess I did ok, but I think I didn’t get the colors dark enough. The paper was pretty crappy, and it could only hold so much color before the paper turned into fuzz and stuck to my pencil, which was really really annoying. BLEARGHFLORPMOOSHFLARGHBAHOOGIESNESS! >__<;;

And, the drawing’s figure was too narrow. But I got the proportions right, I think.

My reflection on the sketch of my classmate.

[Picture goes here, but it’s not here because if the same reason as above. -___-]

I like this one. I think it looks pretty close to what my classmate looks like. And yes, she’s a child. 10 years old, to be exact. It’s not finished, but I’ll use a cotton swab and a white color pencil to do the shading. What I’ll do is color on a scrap sheet of paper white using the colored pencil, and use the cotton swab to pick up the pencil dust and smear it on the drawing. I’ll post it when I’m finished. ^_^

My reflection on The Woman.

[Picture goes here. Guess why it’s not here at the moment…]

This one is my favorite. The face was fun to color. Especially the eyes. (AHHHH SENTENCE FRAGMENTS!!! KILL MEH NOW…)

The shirt was really tiring to draw, the pastel was fat and the spaces were really really small. But it was worth the trouble, the shirt is really pretty. But. I don’t think I got the colors dark enough… >__<

Hm. The woman was from Thailand. (I think.) But, my teacher made us use backgrounds from the magazine Arizona Highways, which does NOT MAKE ANY SENSE because she is from Thailand. I think. Oh, fuggedaboutit. She’s from Asia. Not friggin Arizona.

This picture isn’t done yet, I still have to finish coloring the hat and background. I’ll post the finished product.

That’s it, please criticize me! I like those, they help me improve. Oh, no flames please. ^__^

– Shizu

June 29, 2010

New rule: Scientists must make a more eco-friendly fuel to replace oil.

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If I ruled the world, this would all happen now. Like, in a snap. Literally.

Scientists must make a more eco-friendly fuel to replace oil.
Global warming. Face it head on, it’s a problem. This is based on Fang’s blog, but once all the adults running the government and stuff die, it’s the next generation’s problem. In other words, we inherit their mess. So us children have to clean up or die. (Epic.) I think we should do SOMETHING about this or our great-great-great grandkids will live in a desert where we have to drink our pee since there is no clean, drinkable water.

The earth’s temperature has risen 0.5 degrees in the last fifty years. Now, I bet you’re thinking ‘oh, that’s not a big deal’. It is! During the Ice Age, the earth’s temperature was only 6 degrees lower then it is now. So, if the earth’s temperature increases 0.5 degrees (or more) every 50 years, how long will it be until the earth is a ball of sand?

More scientists should seriously start focusing their energies to making more eco-friendly fuels and energy sources. We don’t care about floating hotels that cost a fortune to enter.

It’ll help if every single car ran on solar power. It’ll help if our computers that we’re staring at ran on hydroelectricity.


Al Gore should be president.
Because he cares about the environment, and will (probably) put Rule #1 into action. Plus, it would be awesome to have our president be President Gore. (To all you other non-US countries: FEAR US!)

School buses should be remodeled.
Glow-in-the-dark school buses are more noticeable, thus you’re less likely to crash into them. Plus, that would be pretty awesome.

They should all have fabric seats and armrests. Plastic seats are ugly and uncomfortable, and armrests will help you draw the line for your no-touch area. I hate it when that sticky, smelly person crams themselves in your seat, leaving you squished between them and hard, cold metal.

There should be a special symbol for being sarcastic.
Nobody can tell when you’re being sarcastic when you’re IM’ing, since you can’t express a tone of voice. For example:

Friend; *reads fruit by the foot wrapper joke* what’s sweet and scores touchdowns? a fruit by the foot-ball!

Me: that is so funny!

Friend: seriously?

Me: no, stupid. i was being sarcastic.

See what I mean?

June 17, 2010

L’Arlesienne Madame Ginoux : The Ultimate Stepmother

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L'Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux

I doubt anyone reads this, but I’ll rant and rave anyway. .___.;;

So I’m taking this summer art course on drawing people realistically. The teacher randomly passed out Impressionist pictures, and told us to draw them.

Well, I got the picture on the left. It’s called:

L’Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux.

and it’s painted by Van Gogh. Yah.

My First Three Responses:

  1. She reminds me insanely of Cinderella’s stepmother.
  2. She’s wearing a bib.
  3. What’s that thing that’s sticking out of her butt…

But when I look at it how, all groggy, I realize the thing sticking out of her butt is the chair’s arm. xD I’m so stupid.

The gloves on the table are really hard to draw…

June 14, 2010

How to make Playdough

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What the dough should look like.This playdough recipe is easy to make, since it doesn’t need cooking. It’s child-friendly, and edible (but it doesn’t taste good). Store it in a closed container, such as a plastic bag, in a refrigerator when you’re done playing.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A large bowl.
  • 1 cup cold water.
  • 1 cup salt.
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil.
  • Tempera paint or food coloring. (optional)
  • 3 cups flour.
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch.


  1. In the large bowl, mix water, salt, oil, and enough tempera paint or food coloring until you get the color you want.
  2. Gradually add flour and cornstarch until you get the consistency you want. It shouldn’t stick to your hands, and should stay together easily. Add water if it’s too dry, add flour if it’s too slimy. (A little goes a long way!)


June 13, 2010

So I’m gonna write a story.

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It’s going to be about these two kids who go to a academy for people with special abilities, namely the Fire.

The Fire is like a ability, so if somebody had the teleportation Fire, they could teleport to different places quickly. If somebody had the healing Fire, they could heal others and heal their cuts and burns faster then normal people could.

I think the academy is going to be called Photia Academy. “Photia” means “fire” in Greek. My dad and Google Translate helped me figure that out.

I’m going to name my main character Mikiko, and her rival…I dunno what his name will be. ._____.;;

Mikiko’s best friend will be Aiko.

So…Photia Academy is kind if limiting the students’ freedom, and Mikiko, her rival, Akio, and the Rival’s friend will REBEL. 😮

Then the Academy’s principal, turns out to be the second-hand man of the AFO’s boss. AFO stands for the Anti-Fire Organization.

They send the principal to the thickest, wildest part of the Amazon and strip him of all civilized things so he could experence it with his *whole body*.

Oh, they offer Kira, Mikiko’s older cousin to be principal.

Then Mikiko finds out she has another Fire. The Twin Fire. It can copy anything, hence the name.

Mikiko gets trained by her godfather, and leaves the Academy for 5 years. The rebel is all depressed… e__o

The AFO isn’t really against Fires, they just want to take over the world. They have this machine that will suck the souls out of non-Fires and make them the slaves of people with Fires.

That’s all I have figured out now

June 12, 2010

Fail #1

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First fail of the summer:

We didn’t arrive to my sister’s piano morning recital, where the performers got colored wristbands. Those wristbands were really important, if you didn’t get one, you couldn’t perform on stage.

And we didn’t get one.

So my mum was explaining in a *really loud voice* about how she was sorry, but the lady responded in a *really pissed off voice* that she couldn’t perform anyway, and that she was frigging rusty.


June 11, 2010

About Apple’s Intro Videos

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I just read this blog post about Apple’s intro videos. (It was featured on WordPress’s home page.) Apparently,

  1. Jonathan Ive has been in every single video.
  2. He’s been wearing the same shirt for ten years.
  3. Only one woman has been shown in all of the videos.

Also, Bob Mansfield reminds me of a stereotypical baseball umpire, I dunno why…

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